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Audubon Park Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food is an easy-to-eat, high-energy seed loved by a variety of small songbirds, particularly goldfinches. Rich in protein, fat, and fiber, this sought-after seed will bring all the goldfinches to your yard. Nyjer Seed can be used in specialty finch tubes or sock-style feeders.

  • Contains 100% Nyjer, a high-energy thistle seed rich in healthy fat
  • Delicate bird seed favored by goldfinches
  • Also attracts chickadees, siskins, juncos, titmice, and more
  • Wild bird feed perfect for feeding the birds year-round
  • For use in specialty finch tubes or sock-style feeders

Available in 15 lb bags.


"Guizotia abyssinica"/niger seed.

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