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In the news

Seattle Business Magazine, Global Harvest Foods Quietly Reaches A Top Perch in the Wild Bird Food Industry (May 2018): “Global Harvest continues to grow on all fronts, developing better bird feeders, acquiring bird food producers and retailers, and bringing more grain farmers on board…”

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The Seattle Times, Passion for Bird-Watching Led Brothers to Build a Birdseed Empire
(July 2017):
“Brothers Ed, Fred and Eric Mills co-founded Global Harvest Foods, which started with late-night mixing and bagging in a basement and grew to be one of the biggest birdseed manufacturers in the country…”

Garden Gate, Garden Essentials (February 2017): “In our test garden this past winter, the [Songbird Selections] Colorful Bird Blend made of nuts, fruits and grain was the most popular, and with all types containing no fillers, there was less mess under the feeders…”

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Progressive Grocer, The Well-Groomed Pet (May 2016): “Pet Product Showcase [Songbird Selections]: This made-in-the-USA line of wild bird food is designed to meet the changing nutritional needs of backyard songbirds. It’s made with seeds topped with an oil-based, nutrient-rich coating to provide the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids they need. No filler seeds are included in the mix…”

About.comAudubon Park Food Review (April 2016): “Audubon Park is one of the most well known brands of wild bird food, for good reason. With a wide variety of seeds, seed blends, suet and other bird food products, the company offers quality options for every backyard birder and their feathered friends…”

Staten Island Live, Feed the Birds: Safety Tips for Migrating and Nesting Time (March 2016): “Specialty wild bird seed producer Audubon Park partnered with ornithologist John Marzluff to provide these rules. Marzluff is author of the book “Welcome to Subirdia” to encourage all backyard bird feeding…”

Pet Age, All Atwitter About the Great Outdoors (February 2016): “Audubon Park’s new Songbird Selections with NutriThrive, consisting of wild songbirds’ favorite seeds (coated with an oil-based, nutrient-rich topping that delivers essential vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids) without any filler seeds…”

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Sunset, 3 Easy Ways to Support Birds Through Winter (November 2015): “These pro tips are from Seattleite Ed Mills, expert birder and co-founder of Audubon Park…”

Chicago Tribune, Winter Feeding Tips (February 2015): “Speaking of birds, and lists, Audubon Park Wild Bird Food (audubonpark.com) has several suggestions of feeding birds in winter, especially if you’re snowed in and have to make do with what’s around the house…”

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, Watch Those Birds with Audubon Park (February 2015): “Setting up a feeder to begin your bird watching venture is relatively easy, but first you need to know some important tips. That is where Audubon Park websites comes in handy, as they have broken their site down into various topics concerning bird watching…”

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Better Homes and Gardens, Feed the Birds (December 2014): “Audubon Park, a company that sells wild bird feed, gives these 5 tips for keeping your local birds happy this winter…”

Mother Nature Network, How to Take Care of Birds this Winter (December 2014): “Tips: ‘First time bird feeders can be inclined to just grab the least expensive bag of bird seed on the shelf,’ said Angie Keane of Audubon Park wild bird food. ‘However, budget blends are typically best suited for ground-feeding birds like quail or doves, which is great if those are the birds in your area and you want to attract them. However most people tend to want to attract perching songbirds. They prefer premium blends with a higher percentage of sunflower seeds and nuts…'”

Akron Ohio Moms, Backyard Birdwatching with Audubon Bird Feeders and Seed (December 2014): “Bundle up! And consider helping out your feathered friends this winter. Birds use up most of their energy to stay warm during the extreme cold weather and they require additional nutrition.”

Tukwila Reporter, How to Make Wild Birds Feel at Home (May 2014): “It’s a good idea to have an idea what type of bird you’d like to attract before heading off to the store.”