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Follow the Seed

Follow the Seed

“Healthy Birds, Happy People”  

Audubon Park connects people with nature, right at home. Our Follow the Seed program helps us create safe, healthy and welcoming habitats for wildlife in backyards across America – from the feeder to the flora.

Working alongside of our family inspires us to always do the right thing – what’s best for the ones we care about. That’s why our family-owned company has remained exclusively dedicated to feeding and caring for backyard wildlife since 1982.

Follow the Seed gives back to nature in four ways:

  • Bird food and feeder donations to communities in need
  • Monetary donations (e.g., native plants, nesting boxes, bird baths…)
  • Volunteering (e.g., removal of invasive plants, planting of trees or bird gardens…)
  • Wildlife education and outreach (e.g., classrooms, churches, Audubon groups…)

To request our support, submit Audubon Park’s Charitable Giving Request Form via mail or email (please allow up to six weeks for a response as our Giving Committee meets quarterly). We invite you to include additional details about your organization or reason for request as well (including photographs, web links, personal stories, and event information). Thank you for contacting Audubon Park!