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Bird feeding safety

Did you know that an estimated 50 million US residents feed the birds? Throughout the years bird feeding has grown in popularity, in fact it is now the second most popular outdoor hobby behind gardening!

Feeding the birds is a fun and rewarding activity throughout the year, with each season bringing different species to your backyard feeder.

For all bird enthusiasts – new and old – it is important that we all do our part to keep our feathered friends safe and healthy.

To help educate the bird feeding community on safety, we’re partnering with ornithologist John Marzluff, author of the book Welcome to Subirdia to encourage all backyard bird feeders to follow these ten important rules.

Feed the Birds: 10 Rules to Know from Ed Mills, co-founder of Audubon Park Wild Bird Food, and John Marzluff, ornithologist and professor of wildlife sciences at University of Washington, author of the book Welcome to Subirdia.