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Bird feeding benefits

Bird lovers, along with many experts, know that feeding backyard birds helps them thrive (and can even make them sing more often!). But, have you considered how feeding the birds is beneficial to you too?

Study after study shows that connecting with nature is good for you, and you don’t have to be out in the forest in order to benefit. Even viewing nature has its benefits (like seeing birds at your feeder!). Studies show that:

  • Just five minutes of activity in natural areas improves your self-esteem and mood.
  • Short periods of time spent in nature can help reduce depression symptoms.
  • Access to trees and green spaces calm us and help to alleviate stress.
  • Even a short amount of time outside can reverse fatigue and concentration issues.
  • Dementia patients have decreased symptoms following time spent in a garden.
  • Hospital patients who spent time in a garden reported higher levels of hope and energy.
    Source: asla.org

Bird feeding is a wonderful way to connect with nature and wildlife. It is a mindful and meditative activity that brings people so much joy. In fact, our recent “Let’s Feed the Birds” survey found that the number one reason people feed the birds today is joy. We’ve heard this time and time again throughout our company’s 34-year history. Check out this story about the 50 ways to live your life happy. As you can see, we have #12 covered!

So go connect with nature today, whether it’s in the forest, your backyard, or simply looking out your window. And remember: It’s not only good for the birds, its good for you too.

Bird-feeding is a year-round, accessible and affordable way to enjoy nature. Anyone, any age can do it. Look no further than your own backyard and follow these 5 tips to get started.