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Advance your birding

Now that you’re enjoying your backyard sanctuary, take your bird watching to the next level.

Watching wild birds in your backyard and enjoying their songs is such a joy. Here are some fun ideas for becoming a more avid birder.

Start a life list of all of the species you have seen in your life with details about the sighting such as date and location. Some birdwatchers count species they have identified audibly, while others only record species they’ve identified visually.

Capture sightings. Take photos, video and audio of wild birds to enjoy anytime or share with friends and family on social media. However, consider this debate before using apps and audio to attract birds in public park settings.

Get the gear, including binoculars, spotting scope with tripod, field guide and a field bag.

Volunteer as a citizen scientist and participate in the annual Christmas Bird Count or the Great Backyard Bird Count.

For more ideas, visit the American Birding Association.