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Birds love ’em! Introducing Audubon Park’s top five best-selling products:



“We’re in South Central Texas and here are some of the birds that feed at our feeders while using this product – red bellied woodpeckers; downy woodpeckers; blue jays; titmice; chickadees; finches; wrens; buntings and cardinals… plus there have been a few birds that I just couldn’t identify that were passing thru on migratory paths. They have a choice – neighbors feed different products – but the birds will stay at my feeders until they empty them!” -Connie Skoruppa McDonald, Amazon.com, Multi-Bird with Fruits & Nuts


BLACK OIL SUNFLOWER (the most popular seed!)

“Finally found bird seed that is fresh and bug-free. Packaged in an airtight bag. So convenient to order online and have my bird seed delivered right to my door. Arrived the day after I ordered it. Great value and no need to worry about moths flying all around when I opened it. Decided to purchase this because of reviews that I read here on amazon. So glad that I did.” -DSTAR, Amazon.com, Black Oil Sunflower


NO-WASTE BLEND (no weeds, no mess, no waste-100% consumable!)

“I wish I’d come across ‘no waste’ bird foods sooner. I’ve been feeding doves and smaller wild birds in my residential backyard for a few months, and indeed there was quite a mess from sunflower shells, etc. This food not only eliminated that mess problem, but it does an equally good job of attracting all kinds of birds.” -TomHunter1968, Amazon.com, No-Waste Blend


“Have one cake bought elsewhere to feed the flickers in the Pacific NW. They – and others – showed up right after the cak”e was hung out. As soon as I find out how much shipping really costs, I’ll purchase it here because of the convenience.” -Beach Reader, Amazon.com, Woodpecker Seed Cake



“I cannot get over how much my birds love the Peanut Delight suet. I am buying over a dozen a week trying to keep up with them. I have a couple of those hanging cage feeders and I have 7 or more eating on just one feeder.” -Jim Peterson, Facebook, Peanut Delight Suet


New in 2017: Mealworm Seed Cake, Mealworm Bar, Woodpecker Bar!