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Our family


As a family business, Audubon Park is still guided today by the very same values we were founded on 35 years ago. That’s because from day one, we’ve been in it together. Working alongside of our family inspires us to always do the right thing – what’s best for the ones we care about.

It’s that same commitment we extend to every associate, partner, and customer who trust us to deliver consistent quality. Commitments like working directly with family farms and growers where possible, seeking out retail partners that share our values, and treating everyone with respect and kindness. We are proud to say that after all of these years, we remain exclusively dedicated to backyard wildlife and the natural environment.

“Healthy Birds, Happy People” has been our philosophy from the very beginning. By providing opportunities for ongoing education and wild bird awareness, we aim to do more than just sell bird food. Through support for wildlife sanctuaries, schools, and non-profit organizations, we’re helping to ensure wild birds have what they need to thrive.

Our commitment to safety starts right here at home. All Audubon Park products are proudly made in the USA and food safety certified. An extensive annual safety audit examines every step in the manufacturing process for quality and assurance – from the field to the food-safe grease used on our equipment — so you can expect nothing less than A-grade product from our family.

-Eric, Ed and Fred Mills